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Multiple PASSIVE Income Streams

Make lazy commissions with top-converting products you can link inside EVERY post

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Automate To Dominate

“Set & forget” scheduler lets you setup MULTIPLE traffic campaigns in minutes for a CONSTANT flow of buyers to your offers

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What could possibly be better than 100% free traffic all day long?

Making sure that traffic converts into the highest possible profits, for the least possible effort.

TrafficBuilder 3.0 sets you up with the traffic …
BUT you need those visitors to convert - which means the right offer, in the right place, at the right time.

Now that’s EASIER than ever - here’s how:

PRO Feature #1:
Monetize ANY Post For Hands-Free Affiliate Commissions

Top-earning affiliates know the trick to increasing commissions is to show visitors offers HIGHLY related to your posts & content.

For unlimited choices, there isn’t a better option than Amazon.

TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder lets you instantly source top-selling products in ANY niche.

Filter by price, ratings, vendor profile and much more. Monetizing your traffic with eCommerce affiliate products has never been easier - can find anything you want right inside the dash!

Why Amazon Is The EASIEST Way To Bank Affiliate Commissions

It Does The Selling FOR You - Amazon sets new standards in conversions, average order value, service and more

Higher Potential Commissions From EVERY Visitor - powerful sales boosters include bundled offers, related items & social proof

19.7 % Year-Over-Year Growth - $141.9 BILLION USD in product sales made 2018 the most profitable year in Amazon’s history

Hassle-Free - Selling, shipping & support is completely done for you …


Long Term Commissions - earn on ANY related upsells or cross sells for up to 90 days

Two Ways To Win - DIVERSIFY Your Income

You can include an Amazon product link with your TrafficBuilder 3.0 posts - that’s the direct approach.

You can ALSO use your traffic campaigns to send visitors to a monetized blog or social media post - and pre-warmed traffic often converts MUCH better.

Whether you prefer to ‘sell hard’, ‘sell soft’, or any combination … you’ve got multiple options with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder.

Hands-Free Commissions

If you’re a beginner, affiliate marketer, or don’t have your own products:
just plug in top-sellers, let Amazon do the work, and collect the commissions.

This is also fantastic for content marketers - it’s EASY to monetize blogs, videos and social posts / pages.

Of course if you’re already a successful marketer - this is one of the fastest ways to create multiple income streams - and it’s hassle-free!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by NOT making sales from your traffic, THIS is the answer

PRO Feature #2:

The world’s RICHEST marketers know that success is all about the numbers. When you know the math - scaling becomes EASY & PREDICTABLE

PRO gives you the stats you need to optimize EACH campaign for the highest possible profits … WITHOUT costly trial & error.

Pro tracking features let you see AT A GLANCE how each & every campaign you’re running is performing.

Quickly create tracking links for every offer - from right inside the dash - so you’ll see where the leads, sales & commissions are coming from.

Tracking = Growth

Digital marketing is all about the numbers.Without the stats, you’re playing a guessing game.

Thanks to TrafficBuilder 3.0, this won’t cost you money on ads …
But it WILL cost you time and potentially a huge loss of income.

When you know which campaigns are the ‘winners’,you can scale them to drive higher profits.

While optimizing or cutting under-performing campaigns at the same time!

Meaning? Better results for LESS time & effort … almost automatically.

This feature is ESSENTIAL when you’re entering new niches, or testing new products and offers.

If you’re ready to grow your business fast, pro’s tracking features can make it happen

PRO Feature #3: Set & Forget Traffic Scheduling

You hear about ‘set and forget’ methods all the time: TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro makes it a reality.

The powerful pro campaign scheduler lets you set up AS MANY traffic campaigns as you want [according to the license you selected earlier] …

Then set them to run ANYTIME you want in the future.

Meaning you could set up an entire MONTH’S worth of traffic campaigns inside of 30 minutes … no more daily posting.

A MONTH’S Worth Of Traffic Campaigns In Minutes

TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro’s Campaign Scheduler is your set & forget traffic solution.

Customize when you want each campaign to run - then let the software drip-feed them exactly how you want.

Point. Click. Scheduled Traffic ON DEMAND

From right inside the Pro dash, click the ‘scheduler tab’ and you’ll be walked thru each step. It’s as simple as setting up a regular campaign - you’ll just be prompted to enter your dates and frequency.

Like Working LESS Instead Of MORE?

You might find - as we do - that the scheduler inside TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro is your favorite feature.

If you’re looking to create a lifestyle business - where you’re NOT tied to a computer 7 days a week - this is exactly what you need.

Marketers with evergreen offers, landing pages & eCom stores will especially benefit from this feature.

If you want a business that works for you, instead of the other way round ... Pro’s traffic scheduler is for you.

And if you upgraded to UNLIMITED … you’re going to FALL IN LOVE with Pro

3 Powerful Methods For Ultimate Results In LESS Time

That’s what you get with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro.

The ability to maximize your results in the 3 most profitable areas of your business.

Lazy commissions & diverse income streams with the Amazon Product Finder.

Effortless scaling & unlimited growth potential with advanced stats for every campaign.

Set & forget scheduling lets you create a month’s worth of campaigns in minutes, to keep the traffic flowing 24/7.

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WP LeadGen Theme

An advanced Wordpress theme which is perfect to use with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro. Comes with everything you need to create pro-looking sites deployed in just 1 click.

WP Paypal Cart

A very useful Wordpress plugin which builds out a push-button cart system which can be used with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro.

Super Styles Plugin

A perfect plugin which can be used on any site, adding unique and powerful elements. Use this with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro to get more traffic, conversions and sales

WP Plugin Powerpack

A complete set of plugins which every website needs for more traffic and sales. Add this to any site you own and use TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro for a one-two punch.

WP Social Press

One of the most advanced themes you'll find. Send all that TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro traffic to sites using WP Social Press for more leads, sales and conversions.

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